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If your clients are like most people, they don't have the money to win an expensive bidding war, especially when they are competing with all cash offers. We are offering the Sailbridge Cash Offer so buyers can compete with other buyers and even those with all cash offers. With the Sailbridge Cash Offer your clients may be able to close on their new home in as little as 10 days with no financing or appraisal contingencies. We back every Sailbridge Cash Offer with guaranteed funds, even if the buyer backs out, so it’s irresistible to sellers and in many ways is better than cash offers.

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Win faster

Buyers who use a Sailbridge Cash Offer make fewer offers before winning compared to Buyers who use traditional financing in competitive markets.

Close sooner

We'll help your clients close in as few as 10 days* versus longer with a traditional loan.

Pay less

We charge a 1% convenience fee that is refunded or applied toward closing costs if the customer does their long term financing with Sailbridge. We do not refund the convenience fee if they use another lender.

Make other agents jealous

Keep 100% commission

You work hard for your money and deserve every penny. We work hard too, but we make money as your client’s lender so that nothing ever comes out of your pocket.

Close deals faster

With Sailbridge, you can close and receive your commission in as few as 10 days.*

Save 100s of hours

When your client wins the first or second offer they make instead of the eighth or ninth, you save countless hours touring homes and making offers. You’ll be able to serve more clients and grow your business.

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Sailbridge Cash Offer

How it works



Get pre-underwritten

Sailbridge prepares your clients to make offers with a rapid pre-underwriting process which determines their budget, removes the need for a financing contingency and assures sellers that the buyer is well qualified.



Receive funding fast

When they’re ready to offer, Sailbridge gets them set up with a Sailbridge Cash Offer. This gives your clients the ability to make a highly competitive offer, free of any appraisal or financing contingencies, and closing in as little as 10 days.



Secure long-term financing

Once they move in, Sailbridge will refinance their short-term loan into a long-term loan. Sailbridge offers a 30-day closing guarantee, one-time underwriting. If they choose to go elsewhere for their long-term financing, they have up to three months to do so.

Backed by our guarantee

We back every Sailbridge Cash Offer with our guarantee that if your client needs to back out once contingencies have been met, we will buy the home on the same terms.**

Why sellers love us

There are three critical considerations a seller makes when choosing to accept an offer: how they’re getting paid, how fast they’ll get their money, and what they have to do to get it. With a Sailbridge Cash Offer, you’ll address all three positively for the seller.

100% guarantee

Because we’ll buy the home if the buyer backs out, there’s no risk to the seller that the deal will fall apart. They have absolute certainty.

10-day close

Listing agents and sellers alike will always prefer to close in as few as 10 days rather than 45 with traditional financing.

Zero effort

With no financing or appraisal contingencies, sellers have confidence about a successful sale.

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Sailbridge Cash Offer

What are my fees as an agent using Sailbridge?

There are no fees to the agent. As an agent, you receive 100% of your commission. We make our money as your client’s lender.

Do you send me client referrals?

While we don’t send you client referrals, we help ensure that your clients will send you referrals by making their offers highly competitive with a 4x higher win rate over traditional offers. That being said if clients come to us without an agent, we'll look to connect them with partner agents in the area.

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